Disappointed Laxmi Agarwal's Lawyer To Take Legal Actions Against Chhapaak

Publish On: 09 Jan, 2020 02:56 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

MUMBAI: It's just another day of trouble for the movie 'Chhapaak'. Laxmi Agarwal's lawyer Aparna Bhat is quite disappointed with the makers for not giving her any acknowledgment in the film's credits. Thus, she has decided to take legal actions against them. 

Taking to Facebook, Bhat expressed her ire and wrote, "Have never been the one to demand attention to my work. Deeply disturbed by the turn of events post watching Chhapaak. Compelled to take legal action to protect my identity and preserve my integrity. I represented Lakshmi in her criminal trial in Patiala House Courts... tomorrow someone will represent me in my cause...Ironies of life."

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The advocate did play a prominent part in Laxmi's life and maybe her anger was justified as she would have felt that her efforts were not at all appreciated. But she should understand that the movie is trying to spread a very important social message and giving the credits to everyone involved in Laxmi's toughest time of life might fade away the main cause. 

Soon after her post, several users understood her dilemma and commented in support of her. Feeling overwhelmed, the lawyer wrote another post thanking everyone with a hint of warning to the makers of the movie. She wrote, "I thank all my friends who endorsed my contribution and challenged team Chhapaak in failing to say even “Thank you!!" I cannot match the powers of these mighty producers of Bollywood but keeping quiet will further endorse injustice. I have decided to take my cause to the next level. Ready to face the consequences."

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'Chhapaak' will be releasing on 10th January. Only a day is left for the movie to hit the screens and it has been surrounded by a number of controversies. From Deepika Padukone going to JNU to support the students who faced violence on Sunday to changing the name of the actual attacker from Nadeem Khan to Rajesh (Muslim to Hindu), people have started the trend #BoycottChhapaak as they are hurt. However, the second allegation proved to be baseless as they changed the name to Basheer.