IMD: Low Pressure Over Arabian Sea Can Transition Into 'Cyclonic Storm'

Publish On: 31 May, 2020 06:24 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: IMD or the Indian Meteorological Department on Sunday, May 31 cautioned that a low-pressure area has formed towards the southeast and east-central Arabian sea and Lakshadweep area. It is associated with cyclonic circulation extending up till mid-tropospheric levels.

It is highly likely to form into a depression over southeast Arabian sea and east-central during the coming 24 hours. It can worsen even further into a 'cyclonic storm' in the forthcoming 23 hours as per IMD.

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The department added that it will move towards the northward direction till the morning of June 2 and recurve to the north-northeast direction and then come towards northern Maharashtra and southern Gujarat region by June 3.

As per the predictions of IMD, a situation with a squally kind of weather will persist with a wind speel up to 40-55 kmph. It will prevail alongside the coast of Maharashtra-Goa on June 3. Fishermen have been appealed to not to pursue fishing in the following areas.

Fishermen have been warned to not proceed towards into areas like the southeast Arabian sea, Lakshadweep area and Kerala coast until June 2.

East-central Arabian sea area and Karnataka coast till June 3.

East-central Arabian see falling towards the Maharashtra coast and Norst-east Arabian Sea in the coast of Gujarat until June 3-4. 

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All the fishermen have been directed to return back to the coast by today i.e. May 31.