Acid Attack Survivor Rangoli Chandel Reveals The Name Of Attacker

Publish On: 09 Jan, 2020 04:47 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

MUMBAI: No matter how blabber-mouthed Rangoli Chandel is, she is indeed a strong woman. It definitely takes guts to speak about anything and anyone openly but it takes a hell lot of courage to survive an incident that, in a moment, could wipe away one's life. 

Kangana Ranaut's sister and manager is an acid attack survivor and we all know that but how many of us know the full story behind the agony she has faced? Do we know who attacked her? No! But now Chandel narrated the whole incident revealing the name of the man who caused her and her family such immense pain. 

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While replying to a user, who asked her to give out the name of her attacker, Rangoli replied to her in a series of tweets. She wrote,

"Hi Arzita, my attacker’s name is Avinash Sharma, he was in the same college as me, we were in the same friend circle, he proposed to me I started keeping distance I didn’t share same feelings, he would tell people some day he will merry me."

"...when my parents got me engaged to an Air Force officer he became very persistent about marrying me when I retaliated he threatened me to throw acid on me, I brushed such threats aside & never told my parents or went to cops this was the biggest mistake of my life."

"...I was sharing PG house with four girls, a young stranger came asking for me my friend vijaya said someone asking for you I opened the door, he was carrying a jug full of ....and just than in one second CHAPPAK..."

Her 'Chhapaak' incident is really horrific and what made it scarier that it came from a person who was in the same group of friends. Even Kangana, in a video, said that after watching Chhapaak's trailer, she was also reminded of that dreadful period when their family went through the same. She even thanked Deepika Padukone and director Meghna Gulzar for bringing out such a strong social message against acid attacks. 

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