CBSE Students to get their fees back?

Publish On: 04 Oct, 2019 01:58 AM | Updated   |   Prateek  

What Happened?

The Government has planned to pay CBSE's exam registration fees for a huge number of students i.e over 3 lakh students of X and XII standard.

But Many students have already paid the examination fees so they are worried.

Director of Directorate of Education's Narrative:

Mr. Binay Bhushan (DOE)'s director said on Thursday

  • Everybody would be reimbursed. “CBSE will be paid on Friday and the process to reimburse the students will be initiated after that,”
  • On September 18, the Rs 57.2-crore project was cleared for government and aided schools, and for students under Patrachar Vidyalaya.

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Student's Narrative:

There are schools in Tughlaqabad and Prahladpur in which the students have already paid the registration fees and now after hearing about the government's order they contacted their school administration for the refund and the school said they had no information regarding the same.

A Class 12th Student said 

  • “Our class has 35 students and everybody has paid Rs 2,600. After reading about the government order, we asked the school but it doesn’t have any information.”

A Class 10th Student said

  • “The school asked each of us to pay Rs 1,800. Had we paid late, we would have been charged late fees.”

Some Students told that students who belonged to SC or ST caste had to pay Rs.1500/-.


Teacher's Narrative:

A Teacher from North Delhi said

  • "There was no clarity initially, but all students would be reimbursed."

Yashwant Singh Negi (principal of a  government boys school in Ghitorni) said

  • “The government is to directly pay CBSE and we haven’t collected any money,”

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