'Govt trying to kill 2 birds with one stone through Prerna App' (SJ Special)

Publish On: 12 Sep, 2019 01:37 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  
prerna app

The Uttar Pradesh government introduced the Prerna app to check the regularity of the government teachers. The app was launched on September 5 on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, in which the teachers will have to upload three selfies per day.

Now, the teachers have opposed this app as it violates their privacy and also it is a threat of misuse. Teachers have even staged some protests against this move by the government.

Much more unexplainable rules were made:

  • If a teacher is late for 3 days even by just 2 mins. He/She will be terminated.
  • If seen online on WhatsApp the same can happen too.

In that App, the First selfie is to be taken in the morning with the teachers, staff and all the school staff including the Shiksha Mitras. The second selfie is to be taken with all the students present in the school while serving the mid-day meal.

The third selfie needs to be taken when the school is about to get over with all teaching as well as non-teaching staff.

A government teacher facing the same reached Shivalik Journal and explained the whole scenario about what is actually happening and what can be the hidden motive of the government.

"They want to replace the government teachers with the new teachers who have recently completed their post-graduation, B. Ed and BTC and that can save a lot of money for the government. The government plans on getting a whole new staff on the payroll of just one teacher while consecutively getting their "proving employment" charts up.," a government teacher said. 

" Government is accusing the teachers of stealing from them by not giving them the right number of children while in reality what teachers are facing is much worse. The government teachers wanted the government to know what is actually happening and what they are facing," the teacher added.

Thus, As a sign of the protest, the teachers have started circulating a message in order to reverse the decision. Below is the screenshot of the message.