5 Shocking things that your fitness tracker can tell about you

Publish On: 20 Sep, 2019 02:06 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

In the technological world, the market is full of fitness bands, trackers to track health and fitness goals. They are popular for the right reasons because people want to get fitter. The sensors on these watches, bands, and trackers can record a lot of things. From your movement to your heart rate including the blood pressure anything and everything can be measured.

Here are five shocking things that your fitness tracker can tell about you:


Your smart band can tell you if you are pregnant. You just need to keep a close eye on your fitness band. You can easily find out if you are carrying a little one by noticing your heart rate and regularly monitoring it. Let us tell you how. Usually, during pregnancy the heart rate gets spiked and if you monitor it you will easily know and notice the difference. You can be sure at home with your fitness device.

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Your smart band can tell if you have been intimate recently. How? Any sexual encounter can increase your heartbeat and your fitness band keeps a record of it obviously. Having a high heart rate late at night not necessarily means you were exercising. 

Your Location:

Most of the fitness devices use the GPS to know how much you walked and the average steps are taken. Thus, your fitness device knows your location it even records the location when it is not on. It works like the GPS on your mobile device. 

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Your Bad Posture:

A number of fitness devices available in the market can even read your posture if it is bad it can remind you to improve it or discontinue doing whatever is the reason for your improper posture.

Your Sleep cycle:

Your fitness trackers read your sleep and then tells you the amount of your deep sleep, REM sleep, and irregular sleep. It also tells you about your sleep quality.