Ola Celebrating Christmas Already?

Publish On: 27 Nov, 2019 03:49 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

Uber has lost its license in London making it easy for Ola to acquire a major part of the cab industry in London. Ola is already competing with Uber in India and now Ola is fully prepared to launch its services in London. The company has started registering drivers in London to launch its services in the upcoming weeks.

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Simon Smith (Ola's head of international operations) has confirmed the launch and he has issued a statement saying:

“We are inviting the tens of thousands of private hire drivers across London to register themselves on the Ola platform, as we prepare to launch in the city in the coming weeks.”

The company has held a number of conversations with the authorities, drivers and local communities in all of London. The conversations have proved to be constructive. Uber lost its license because it did not fulfill the TfL's requirements. Read more about it here.

Ola claims to provide a "robust mobility platform for London which is fully compliant with TfL’s high standards."

Ola has earned the license to execute its services in London from TfL earlier this year and now Uber losing its license makes it a golden opportunity for Ola to make its place in London. Its almost like its Christmas for Ola already.

Ola has entered the UK last year providing its services starting from South Wales. Ola has already covered a number of prominent cities in the country which include Birmingham, Liverpool, and Bristol. Ola plans to provide its services throughout the world covering all the countries. It has already reached Australia and New Zealand. 

Ola works in more than 250 cities around the globe and it covers all the major cities from India.

Let's see if Ola becomes successful in London and if Uber gets its license back.

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