COVID-19: USA Green-Lights Experimental Medicine For Emergency Use

Publish On: 03 May, 2020 04:45 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

WASHINGTON: Authorities in America has granted permission to use an experimental drug for emergency purposes while treating patients affected with COVID-19. Many states have eased the lockdown norms but there hasn't been any decrease in the number of deaths due to the life-threatening disease.

The medication being approved is the latest step in the worldwide progress to find proper treatment and vaccine for coronavirus. The global pandemic has led to huge dents in the world economy and half of mankind is under lockdown for months.

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As far as the worldwide figures are concerned, around 3.34 million individuals have fallen prey of the virus, the death toll is at 2,37,137.

An antiviral drug, Remdesivir was developed to treat patients having ebola. It was approved on Friday, May 1 after a major trial took place and it was discovered that recovery rates were getting boosted in people who are in a critical condition due to COVID-19.

US President, Donald Trump also spoke about the recent development and said, “It’s really a very promising situation." Trump shared his thoughts at the White House where he was joined by the developer of Remdesivir, Daniel O'Day, CEO, Gilead Sciences.

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The drug includes itself into the genome of the virus and eventually shortcircuits its replication process. The authorities had to approve the use of the medicine due to the growing pressure by the citizens who are tired of being under the stay-at-home order, to flatten the curve of the increasing cases.