Shehnaz Gill Walks Out Of The Bigg Boss 13 Press Conference!

Publish On: 04 Feb, 2020 03:40 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: The anticipation is almost killing everyone as only 7 contestants (Arti Singh, Asim Riaz, Paras Chhabra, Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaz Gill, Rashami Desai and Mahira Sharma) remain in the house to compete for the Bigg Boss Season 13 finale. Tonight’s episode will feature a press conference segment where contestants will be made to face the wrath of callous journalists, asking them hard-hitting questions regarding their behaviour and incidents inside the Bigg Boss house.

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As per the promo released for tonight’s episode, a person from the press is shown asking Shehnaz how she feels about the tag that she has gotten ‘ flipper of the house’. He elaborates more by making the term synonymous to ‘Bina reed ke haddi wala insaan’ (Spineless person). Shehnaz is shown tackling the statement gracefully by saying “I don’t find it wrong to flip to support what is right, even if it means my relationship will get ruined or affected by it. It is not wrong according to me, I am playing fairly. These tags come to portray me as someone who is weak.” The problem arises when the journalist answers back by asking if she’s really content with ‘badnaam hokar naam kamana’ (gaining attention by being portrayed negatively). That is when we see ‘Punjab ki Katrina Kaif’ getting up and storming out in the middle of the conference.


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All will be revealed in today’s episode which will feature more contestants engaging in the press conference and taking their stand. They will also be told how they have been appearing in the eyes of the audience. It will be quite interesting to see all the inmates reacting to the cold hard truths they will hear from the press.