Rashami Talks About Her Relationship Status At Bigg Boss 13's First PC

Publish On: 04 Feb, 2020 12:25 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: The finale for Bigg Boss 13 is just around the corner and things are getting more intense and spicier day by day! Like all the other seasons, the 13th season will also feature a Press Conference within the house, which will be aired on today’s episode i.e 4 February 2020. The inmates will be seen tackling the questions thrown at them through media representatives regarding all the incidents that took place in the house.

One of the promos released by the channel features an individual from the media asking Rashami Desai about where her relationship stands at the moment. The actress expressed that she doesn’t see any future with ‘him’ (who was being referred to is still a mystery as the snippet didn’t feature the name of who is being talked about). We have an inkling that former contestant Arhaan Khan was being referred to in this matter.

The Uttaran actress was seen saying, “no if, no but, I'm done.” The journalist further tries to enquire whether she is “single and ready to mingle” and later adds that Sidharth Shukla and her are at the same place, in terms of relationship status. Shukla later takes part in the discussion and clears the air that he and Rashami are simply co-existing but adds that if she wants something else than that would be different.

As relationships were being discussed, people from the press conference didn’t fail to enquire about the new Jodi that is ‘Asimanshi’. Asim Riaz tries to clarify that he doesn’t have anyone else other than Himanshi in his life when a person tries to ask why he proposed to Himanshi as he has a girlfriend. He further elaborated by saying that now that he is getting a lot of attention people are easily getting swayed by fake and wrong tweets.

You can see the snippet of today’s episode, which is yet to be aired here:


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