Confirmed! BB13's Asim And Himanshi Are In A Relationship Says Umar Riaz

Publish On: 01 Mar, 2020 07:22 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: You know the latest season of Bigg Boss was the greatest ever when the contestants keep on making headlines even after the show is finished! Asim Riaz, the runner up from the recent reality show has been the talk of the town ever since he confessed his love for Himanshi Khurana, another contestant from the Bigg Boss house. Things took an unexpected turn when Khurrana herself came back to the show to show her support for Asim. However, where they stand relationship-wise has always been unclear.

Not anymore though! This is because Asim Riaz's brother, Umar has confirmed in a recent interview that the duo is in a relationship and even said that his family won't mind if they go ahead and get married to each other! 

While his brother Asim was in the show, Umar played the role of Asim's manager and spokesperson. In a recent interview, he was asked the reason behind unfollowing Himanshi on the social networking site of Instagram, to which he replied, "There was a certain misunderstanding. The media was writing about it. Yes, I did (unfollow her on Instagram). She felt that I and some followers of Asim had turned against her. Yes, Asim and Himanshi are in a relationship. And, I am happy about it. I will not oppose my brother. My happiness lies in his happiness."

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Umar was also asked how he would feel if the couple decides to take their relationship to the next level and get married to each other, "You marry someone who understands and supports you. If Asim feels he has found that someone, I have no objection.."

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However, in the interview, he also expressed disapproval when talking about the time Asim got down on his knees in front of the national television and asked Himanshi's hand in marriage, "I don't think Bigg Boss is the house where you need to propose someone for marriage because it is the show. Personal life needs to be kept personal. Bigg Boss house is not the real world. The real struggle for any couple is when you are in the real world. Inside, you have no close friend or family to support."

"For me, if I was in Asim's place, I would have controlled the urge to propose and test our relationship once we are out. Asim had some pressure from Salman sir too because he said that because of Asim, Himanshi got separated from her fiance. So, he took it upon himself and hence maybe he took the step. But, I don't think he was responsible for that. But, it is okay he is still young," Umar explained.

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No matter what happened in the past, it seems like the Riaz family has let bygones be bygones as everyone seems to be extremely happy for each other!