Has Himanshi Khurrana Broken Up With Her Fiance For Asim Riaz?

Publish On: 17 Jan, 2020 02:20 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

The Bigg Boss house is celebrating ‘Family Week’ where near and dear ones are paying a visit to the contestants within the Bigg Boss house. Actor Parag Tyagi, who is Shefali Jariwala’s husband was also seen entering the house in the recent episode.

What is shocking is the fact that apart from meeting his wife Shefali, he had a message for Asim Riaz, who is also a fellow contestant in the Bigg Boss house. He revealed that Himanshi Khurana and her fiancé have parted ways and she is waiting for Asim outside to be with him.

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Umar Riaz, Asim’s brother also entered the house to support his brother. However, his full visit will be shown in today’s episode. Asim was seen asking for a confirmation about the message from his brother. Umar’s response will be revealed when the new episode airs today.

After Parag’s reveal, everyone’s favourite drama queen, Shehnaz Gill also gave her opinion on the news. While sitting with Mahira Sharma, another one of the inmates, Shehnaz mentions how she knew Himanshi’s fiancé and always thought of him to be a bit narrow-minded. He probably cut ties with her after witnessing the equation Himanshi shared with Asim in the show.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Himanshi herself, but the Punjabi Diva was noted sharing many tweets that mentioned her and Asim.

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What Umar has to say regarding Parag's statement will be shown today.