Arhaan Khan Speaks Up About The Accusations By Rashami Desai

Publish On: 27 Apr, 2020 04:10 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: Former contestants from the recent season of Bigg Boss, Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai have gone on the record many times and demeaned each other constantly. Lately, it seems as if the situation keeps getting nastier day by day. 

A few days ago there was an image making the rounds of the internet, the image contained the statement of Rashami Desai's bank account which got leaked. It has been alleged that the fans of Rashami as the duo was unaware of the matter. What's more shocking is the fact that Arhaan Khan has claimed that Rashami herself was behind leaking the said image!

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Their relationship began going through a rough patch when the couple was inside the Bigg Boss house and it was revealed by none other than Salman Khan, the host of the show that Arhaan has been taking advantage of Desai. Arhaan has now revealed that the couple was actually in a relationship for one and a half year and were living together, "She mentioned that we were in a live-in relationship. So, why was she quiet when the discussion about her house keys came upon ‘Bigg Boss’? Why didn’t she announce that we were living together? I was accused of taking advantage of her, even my family was dragged into the controversy."

Speaking upon the recent controversies surrounding him, Khan says, "I don’t seek sympathy from anyone. I will stand up for what is right. I think woh yeh sab drama karke logo ki sympathy le rahi hain. I have stayed quiet for long, because of which people assume that I am wrong. However, it’s high time that I spoke up."
(Rashami is gaining sympathy from the public by her dramas.)

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On the matters of money withdrawal from Desai's account, Khan mentioned, "She blew the issue of cheques out of proportion and accused me of siphoning off Rs 15 lakh from her account. You see, I can’t withdraw any money from her account if I don’t have a cheque signed by her. I couldn’t have signed it on her behalf. As far as the unknown transactions amounting to around Rs eight lakh is concerned, it has gone to Rashami’s chartered accountant. I have all the proof to substantiate my claim. I acted on her instructions and sent these cheques to the people she had asked me to before she left for ‘Bigg Boss’. I have also shared the details with her. She is playing the woman card to merely gain sympathy, exactly how she did it inside the show."