Arhaan Khan Gets Slammed By Rashami Desai's Fans Over Money Matters

Publish On: 21 Apr, 2020 05:13 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: The hashtag #FraudArhaanKhan began trending on Twitter on Monday following claims by netizens that actor and "Bigg Boss 13" contestant Arhaan Khan has taken Rs 15 lakh from his former girlfriend Rashami Desai's account, and is supposedly threatening her. It is alleged that Arhaan withdrew the cash when Rashami was still inside the "Bigg Boss" house.

The accusations have mostly been put on Twitter by netizens who claim to be Rashami's fans. They also shared screenshots of bank statements of monetary transactions from an account with the name Shivani Ajay Kumar Desai.

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A user tweeted in Hindi claiming Arhaan Khan has taken Rs 15 Lakh from the actress' account in 15 days.

Another user alleged that Arhaan has even taken money for subscribing to a popular OTT platform.

A fan club of Rashami Desai tweeted: "We need justice for @TheRashamiDesai. She has earned money with tons of her hard work and #FraudArhaanKhan misused her money. What a shame to society."

Calling Arhaan a "gold digger," Rashamians, as Rashami's fans wish to call themselves claimed during a tweet: "This may be a call every fandom - any and everybody who is sane enough to see the wrong during this situation- keep aside your Bigg boss grudges for once and please help us expose and shame a gold digger. #FraudArhaanKhan."

However, there has been no substantial basis to any such claim on the part of fans.

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During her stay within the "Bigg Boss" house in the latest season, Rashami Desai was heartbroken after learning about Arhaan Khan's child and former wife. the 2 eventually parted ways. It seems a bigger shock is waiting for the "Naagin 4" actress if allegations made by her fans come true!

While this season of the reality show is already over-long back, Rashami Desai continues to stay a favourite for her fans.