WhatsApp Finally Launches Darkmode For Android And iOS On A Global Level

Publish On: 04 Mar, 2020 09:11 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: The freeware, cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp, has, at last, made the official announcement to release the highly anticipated 'Dark Mode' feature to be available in both iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones worldwide.

The Facebook-owned app's purpose was to devise something within the app which helps lessen the strain in the eyes when exposed or used in surroundings which have low light. It wanted to put a stop to the moments when users would have to scrunch up their faces while using the brightly lit-up app in a dim lighted or dark room and unnecessarily brighten the room.

 The feature will be available as soon as the latest update hits the app stores, i.e. Playstore for Android and App Store for iOS.

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The users will be able to witness a dark-greyish background and off-white shades as soon as the dark mode will get activated on their phones. It will lower the brightness of the screen and eventually help in making the contrast better, reducing glare and improving readability, revealed the company.

The company said, "When designing dark mode, we spent time researching and experimenting with a focus on two particular areas: Readability and information hierarchy. When choosing colours, we wanted to minimise eye fatigue and use colours that are closer to the system defaults on iPhone and Android, respectively."

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They added," We also wanted to help users easily focus their attention on each screen. We did this by using colour and other design elements to make sure the most important information stands out."

The official Twitter of Whatsapp promoted the feature in this highly creative and funny way:

The new feature has already started taking the internet by a storm. This is how the Twitterati reacted: