Google Introduces New Optimize Features To Update Websites

Publish On: 21 Apr, 2020 12:54 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

SAN FRANCISCO: In a bid to assist companies to keep their customers updated about business hours or services that have changed due to COVID-19, Google has introduced new Optimize features and a few useful tips.

Normally Optimize users are allowed to run 10 personalizations on their websites at the same time.

"We have temporarily removed this restriction for the coming 90 days so that you'll make as many updates to your site as you would like until July 31. If you do not already have an Optimize account, you can create one for free of charge here," Google said during a statement late Monday.

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According to the tech giant, once you log into your Optimize account, you'll be able to add a message to the top of your site by clicking "Add a banner."

"You can use our templated banner or customize it by editing the colour, size, and text. you'll be able to also select on which pages of your site the banner should be shown, for instance only the homepage or on every page of your site," informed the tech giant.

Last week, Google introduced a brand new way to quickly post an informational banner at the top of the web site.

The users also can tailor their messages by location.

"Let's say you are a clothing retailer based in San Francisco and are offering expedited shipping to customers located within the town. Optimize can assist you to display a customized banner that highlights faster shipping just to users located in San Francisco," said Google.

Other helpful tips are to avoid automatic product carousels or animation on your site.

If you've got information about how customers can order from you on the same page, the carousel or animation could draw attention away from that message.

"Your commonly asked questions could be different than what they were last year. check that this page highlights what's currently top of mind for your customers," said Google.

Adding longer messages to your customers may display fine on desktop but they probably will appear too long on mobile devices.

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"Limit your messages on your mobile site to less than 50 characters. and allow users to close the message if they want," the company informed.