Facebook Is Launching Its Own Gaming App For Free!

Publish On: 20 Apr, 2020 10:58 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW YORK: In a bid to take on Twitch and Youtube, Facebook is about to launch its own gaming app on Monday which will be free and permit billions of users to look at and stream live games from their smartphones.

The Facebook Gaming app will initially be available on Android devices.

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According to a New York Times report on Sunday, an iOS version also will be released soon, if Apple which is currently promoting its own Cloud-based gaming service Arcade gives its approval.

The app also will introduce a brand new Go Live feature, which can let users upload streams of other mobile games on the same device by pressing just a couple of buttons"

"Investing in gaming generally has become a priority for us because we see gaming as a sort of entertainment that basically connects people. It's entertainment that's not just a sort of passive consumption but entertainment that's interactive and brings people together," Fidji Simo, Head of the Facebook Gaming app, was quoted as saying.

Facebook Gaming app will have some casual games to start with, but the main target will primarily be on watching and creating game live streams.

There will not be any ads at the beginning of the Facebook Gaming app.

According to the report, Facebook is currently counting on "stars" ratings from viewers, like "bits" in Twitch.

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Facebook has been testing versions of the app in Latin America and Southeast Asia for the past 18 months.