Google Donates $12 M In Cash and $25 M In Ad Grant In Fight Against Racism

Publish On: 04 Jun, 2020 04:39 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

SAN FRANCISCO: Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet has declared that it will donate $12 Million to funds which are working towards addressing racial inequalities in the protests all over America against the death of George Floyd, an African American due to police brutality.

The company also mentioned that it will provide an additional $25 Million in Ad Grants to help the organisations fighting racial injustice to provide important information via their platforms.

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In a statement by Pichai, he said, "Our first grants of $1 million each will go to our long-term partners at the Center for Policing Equity and the Equal Justice Initiative. And we'll be providing technical support through our Fellows programme."

In the span of 5 years, Google has donated around $35 million towards the efforts focussing towards fighting racial injustice. 

Pichai added, "Our Black community is hurting, and many of us are searching for ways to stand up for what we believe, and reach out to people we love to show solidarity."

People from Google also observed a silence worth 8 minutes and 46 seconds to honour the black lives that got lost to injustice.

The CEO said, "The length of the moment of silence represents the amount of time George Floyd suffered before he was killed. It''s meant to serve as a visceral reminder of the injustice inflicted on Floyd and so many others."

The employees of the tech company also contributed around $2.5 million on their behalf to support the cause of 'Black Lives Matter'.

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Talking about the aforementioned contribution, Pichai said, "This represents the largest Googler giving campaign in our company's history, with both the largest amount raised by employees and the broadest participation."