Facebook Bay Area Employees To Work From Home Following COVID-19 Outbreak

Publish On: 07 Mar, 2020 09:30 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

SAN FRANCISCO: The online social media and networking platform, Facebook has taken a major step during the time where the extremely contagious Coronavirus is spreading so rapidly. The company has requested all its employees situated in the Bay Area to work from home.

Facebook stated that it is "strongly recommending" it's employees from the Bay Area to begin working from home as the virus outbreak is on the rise, it is also known by the name 'COVID-19'. The multi-million dollar company contains several offices and around thousands of recruited workers in the district of Bay Area situated in San Francisco towards northern California, as per a report.

Although most of the employees have been told to work from home, the company says it wants some of the teams dealing with the security to remain onsite.

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During this week itself, another tech giant company like Microsoft also granted the workers from its company within the areas of Seattle and San Francisco to work from home till 25 March 2020. The virus has found its way into the United States and has affected 225 individuals with a rise in the death toll to 14 people.

The Bill Gates owned company also advised the workers who feel they are under the weather, have an imperilled immune system or have had contact with anyone who is now diagnosed with the virus should especially work from home.

The company has a total number of 54,000 employees working for them within the Seattle area.

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These precautionary measures were announced by the companies after 2 cases of the coronavirus were detected in San Francisco.

Before this, the multi-million dollar company also closed it's Seattle, Washington branch as one of its employees tested positive for the extremely contagious virus.