5G Smartphones Will Dominate The 2020 Market By 15%

Publish On: 24 Feb, 2020 10:23 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

SAN FRANCISCO: Strategy Analytics conducted research and its report has revealed that 5G smartphones are to grow ten times more than expected. It will have 199 million shipments all across the globe, which comprises up to 15%, compared to all smartphone shipments. It has increased by 1% since last year.

The report has also stated that solely the countries like Japan, US, Germany, China and South Korea will be responsible for 90% of the smartphone sales of the 5G kind.

There are also predictions that the first half of the year will experience slow growth in terms of smartphone shipments because of the coronavirus rampant. However, the sales will observe a speedy growth and make a recovery in terms of demand by the other half of the year.

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Countries like India and Indonesia will fail to keep pace with the rest of the countries as it will take one more year for mass-market 5G networks to emerge in these areas.

Another banking and financial service company called the Goldman Sachs has projected that around 200 million smartphone sales will take place in this year. The company is based in the US.