Netflix India Cancels The 'First Month Free' Offer

Publish On: 23 Feb, 2020 04:49 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

LOS GATOS: Netflix has officially cancelled the one moth free demo subscription it was offering to its users in India. The global streaming platform, that originated in the United States, will now charge a mere amount of Rs. 5 from its first month users. The company has claimed that they have begun introducing new offers in the country. Hence, the newly registered account holders will be expected to pay the price of Rs. 5 for the first 31 days. Netflix said that the offer will only be available for the users who will sign up for an account for the first time.

Currently, there are 4 kinds of packages that the streaming platform provides, which are Rs 199 plan (which is only for phones), Rs 499 plan, Rs 649 standard plan and Rs 799 premium plan. The initial Rs. 5 cost will be applied to the first month irrespective of the kind of plan the new user chooses. Prior to this, one month used to be entirely free for first-time subscribers.

The global streaming platform has more than 160 users worldwide.