Third Suicide Case In Uttar Pradesh Due To COVID-19 Scare

Publish On: 24 Mar, 2020 02:38 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

KANPUR: A young man from Kanpur committed suicide on Tuesday as he was suffering from fever and cough and thus, feared that he might be having the novel coronavirus. 

According to reports, the man killed himself by hanging on Tuesday in Kanpur's Binaur village in the Sachendi police circle. The youth was suffering from cough and fever since the past one week and thus, decided to end his life without even having a check-up as these two are amongst the many other symptoms that a coronavirus-infected person shows. 

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The body has been sent for post-mortem by the police. 

With this new case, the suicide toll in the state rose to three due to the fear that the virus is building inside people. Earlier in two separate incidents, two youths committed suicide in Bareilly and Hapur as they believed that they had the novel virus. 

So far, India has 492 positive cases for the novel COVID-19 and nine people have lost their lives. The scenario keeps on worsening not only in the country but across the globe as well as new cases are detected everyday. Globally, it has affected more than 3,82,000 people and claimed the lives of over 14, 500 lives. 

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So, please stop this virus from spreading! Maintain social distance, practice good hygiene and quarantine yourself at your home. Many states and cities have already imposed complete lockdown, so, do follow the orders to save yourself as well as your loved ones.