After Railways, Domestic Flights Undergo A Ban Till March 31

Publish On: 24 Mar, 2020 12:11 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: An announcement has been made by the Ministry of Civil Aviation regarding domestic commercial airlines being temporarily on hold from today i.e. 24 March Midnight till 31 March 2020. Therefore, all the airlines need to plan arrivals of their flights as per the time and date allotted. Although all the domestic flights are being suspended, it doesn't apply to flights carrying cargo. 

Before this, many airlines have already postponed international operations due to the highly contagious coronavirus pandemic, which has nearly affected over 500 individuals and resulted in 8 deaths. Along with India, many other countries have also sealed their borders and imposed restrictions on travel for the time being until the situation is controlled and improved.

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In order to lessen the impact of this initiation, many airline companies have also sought help from the government for relief packages. Sources close to the subject alleged that within this relief package, landing waiver, parking charges and oil marketing company's payment, the concession of the slot for a limited period of the standing rule of slot allocation is included. The slot allocation states that organisations must be functional at atleast 80% of slots that have been allocated.

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As airlines have stopped being active due to the life-threatening pandemic, a survey conducted by CAPA (Center for Asia Pacific Aviation), which is an aviation consultancy provider on a global level has claimed that if the government doesn't engage soon, most airlines from the world will face a situation of bankruptcy.