Railway To Commence Running 2 Trains For Military Requirements

Publish On: 16 Apr, 2020 02:38 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways has decided to run 2 special trains in order for the military to meet operational requirements for Indian Army amidst this lockdown period at the borders of North and East, as per the force.

Railway Ministry and the Indian Army are in co-ordination in order to acquire extra trains in the upcoming weeks for military purposes. The Indian Army said, "To meet the operational requirements of Northern and Eastern borders, two military special trains are planned to be run."

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It was said by the force that the two trains will have Bengaluru as the source station. The first train will run from 17 April and has Jammu as it's destination station. Meanwhile, the second train will also run from the same source station and will reach Guwahati, it will run from 18 April, a day after.

The route of the first train will have stops like Belgaum, Secundrabad, Ambala, apart from Bengaluru and Jammu.

The second train will run from Begalaruru and stop at Belgaum, Secundrabad, Gopalpur, Howrah, New Jalpaiguri and finally terminate at Guwahati.

A source from the Indian Army said, "This will enable decongestion of category A and B training establishments at Bangalore, Belgaum, Secundrabad and Gopalpur as well as assist in operational preparedness of active formations deployed in the borders."

The force also mentioned that the personnel who are due to rejoin units and are deployed in borders of the North and East have already gone through the compulsory quarantine period and were found to be medically fit. They will get accommodated.

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They also revealed, "further coordination with the Ministry of Railways is in progress for planning additional trains in coming weeks".