COVID-19: India Crosses The 3 Lakh Mark; Over 8000 Deaths Now

Publish On: 13 Jun, 2020 09:57 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: The coronavirus crisis in India hit another unfortunate milestone of surging past the 3 lakh-mark in terms of the total tally. States all over the country witnessed a huge spike in the last 24 hours as a large number of coronavirus cases got detected. As many as 11,000 individuals were found to be COVID-19 positive in the last 24 hours! This brought the total tally of the nation to 3,08,993. It merely took 10 days for India to surpass the 3 lakh mark as it crossed 2 lakh cases on June 2.

A total number of 389 people succumbed to death due to the virus in the past day, making the total death toll of the country 8,886. As per the recent update by the ministry of health and family welfare, 1,45,779 active coronavirus remain in the country while more than 1.5 lakh people have been cured of the virus.

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Maharashtra witnessed the biggest case spike yet in the duration of the last 24 hours. Almost 3,493 people were found to have the virus in that time period. The total tally of the state rose to 1,01,141 and it became the first state to cross the 1 lakh mark. The death toll is also at 3,717.

Things aren't looking good in Delhi as well as the country capital witnessed it's biggest spike yet. Over 2,000 new cases got reported in the recent 24 hours, taking the total tally of the national capital to 36,824. Deaths also have been increasing rapidly in Delhi as the fatality rate is now at 1,214.

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Tamil Nadu is the second most affected state and also the second state to have over 40,000 cases of coronavirus. As much as 1,982 people were found to be COVID-19 positive in a single day.