India Crosses UK To Become 4th Worst Coronavirus-Hit Country

Publish On: 12 Jun, 2020 10:17 AM | Updated   |   Shivalik  

With yet another consecutive record of COVID-19 infections reported in a single day, India overtakes the UK to become the fourth worst coronavirus-hit country in the world. After a record jump of 10,956 cases in the last 24 hours, the national tally of India reached 2,97,535 on Friday. Meanwhile, the UL has reported 2,91,409 cases of the virus so far. 

Out of the total number of infections in the country, 1,41,842 are active cases and 8,498 people have lost their lives due to the deadly contagion. 396 deaths were registered in the last 24 hours. 

In Maharashtra, which continues to be the worst-hit state in the country, the infection tally jumped to 97,648 on Friday. As many as 3,590 people have lost their lives due to the coronavirus in the state while 46,078 have recovered. COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra have outnumbered the total reported cases in China, where the virus originated last year, and will soon overtake Canada’s tally as well which is estimated at around 98,000.  

Cases in Tamil Nadu, which has the second highest number of infections in India, jumped to 38,716. Over 20,705 people have recovered in the southern state and 349 have lost their lives to the novel virus. 

In Delhi, the total cases of COVID-19 rose to 34,687 on Friday. While 12,731patients have recovered from the disease in the national capital, 1,085 have died.

Gujarat saw its state tally rise to 22,032 on Friday. The state has seen 15,101 people recover from coronavirus while 1,385 people have died.

So far, Rajasthan has 11,838 cases of coronavirus, out of which 8,775 people have recovered and 265 have died.