Coronavirus Cases In India Rise To 17,656, Death Toll Increases To 549

Publish On: 21 Apr, 2020 10:15 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases have now increased to 17,656 on Monday, April 20. The number of deaths also rose to 559, as per the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Out of the total cases, 14,255 are currently active as 2,842 have been discharged as they have recovered or migrated.

It has also been revealed that around 80% of individuals out of the total cases of COVID-19 in India are asymptomatic, meaning they haven't been producing or showing any symptoms of the virus. This indeed is a worrisome matter as one of the senior scientist belonging to one of the top medical research facility has advised that the entire country should strictly follow the lockdown measures and the government shouldn't dilute them at any level. 

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In a meeting with state government's chief secretaries and administrations of Union Territory, Ajay Bhalla the Union Home Secretary mentioned, "some states and UTs are issuing orders allowing activities which have not been allowed as per the guidelines issued by the home ministry under the 'Disaster Management Act, 2005.'" 

The centre on 20 April, i.e. yesterday said that the coronavirus crisis is "especially serious" in regions like Indore, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and so on. The violation of the lockdown will only lead to the virus being spread further. 

According to the Health Ministry, the state which has been hit with the virus the worst is Maharashtra, with 4,666 cases. It's followed by Delhi which currently has 2,81 cases. Gujarat is the third-worst affected state as it now has 1,939 cases.

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However, the country has also seen an increase in the recovery rate by 705 i.e. 14.75%. Previously, the recovery rate was at 14.19%. As per the figures, over 2,500 individuals have made a successful recovery countrywide.