Indian Railways Served 2 Million Meals For Free Amidst Lockdown

Publish On: 20 Apr, 2020 05:19 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: The Indian railways recently hit a new milestone by serving over 2 million meals free of cost as the country struggles with the coronavirus crisis.

Railway Ministry made a press release and said that the meals in such large quantity have been distributed as the nation is continuing with its lockdown in order to stabilise the spread of COVID-19. The meals were served around 300 locations all over the country.

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The ministry also emphasised that the poverty-stricken individuals like people who depend upon daily wages, children, migrants, homeless, coolies and others "who form the floating population”, have been affected by the crisis as well as the lockdown in the worst possible way. 

Numerous organisations of the railway joined hands to feed "hot cooked meals" to the needy and wish to "feed thousands of people every day", as per the release.

The statement also said, "Indian Railways staff from a number of Railway organizations have worked tirelessly since 28th March 2020 to provide hot cooked meals to needy people after the lockdown due to COVID-19."

The participation of  IRCTC base kitchens, RPF resources and NGO contributions helped the meals reach to the people in need for it.

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The ministry reported, "Of these, about 11.6 lacs cooked meals have been provided by IRCTC, about 3.6 lacs meals have been provided by RPF from its own resources, about 1.5 lacs meals have been provided by Commercial and other departments of Railways and nearly 3.8 lacs meals have been donated by NGOs working with the Railway organizations."