The Reality Of Green Tea: Myths & Facts

Publish On: 02 Dec, 2019 12:28 PM | Updated   |   Prateek  

Whenever you Google something related to diet, you will find one common drink i.e Green Tea. The internet is full of fake information so you need to be smart. Read on to find out the reality of Green tea, Benefits, myths, facts and everything about it.

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What is Green Tea?

Green Tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds. It was originated in China and now its production has spread to many countries like India.

Now let's talk about the claims that we hear everywhere about Green Tea:

1- It helps in Belly Fat-loss

TRUTH: This got nothing to do with the consumption of Green Tea. When you eat lesser calories and burn more that is the reason for Fat-Loss.

When you switch to Green Tea from Regular Tea the calories are reduced because Normal Tea contains Milk & Sugar which have calories that get eliminated when you drink Green Tea. No drink/food item can ever train a specific part of the body let alone be the belly. 

So, this is the truth you cannot rely on Green Tea for Belly Fat-Loss.


2- It boosts Metabolism

Spoiler Alert! This is a myth too. Green Tea does not boost metabolism. If you want to boost your metabolism to promote muscle gain and fat loss then you need to do strength training because that is ultimately going to boost up your metabolism.

Green Tea is just going to wake you up and then you can go to the gym to train because most of the green tea contains caffeine and that is going to wake up for sure.

3- Green Tea is Anti-Ageing

Okay, this one is partially true. Green Tea contains antioxidants that eradicated the free-radicals in the cells of the body which improves the quality of the skin.

According to the experts in the GH Health, Beauty and Environmental Labs:

"Green tea catechins may help protect skin from UV damage, but more research needs to be done with longer studies to show the benefits of topically applying green tea extract."


4- Green Tea cures Cancer

The antioxidants present in Green Tea has some anti-cancerous properties. Drinking Green Tea on a regular basis can reduce the risk of cancer but it cannot cure it in any way. There are many other options like Coffee that can also reduce the risk of cancer.

These were the myths that were followed by the truth & facts by Shivalik Journal. Drop your views in the comments.

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