Quarantined Student? These Are Things That You Must Try!

Publish On: 21 Mar, 2020 05:17 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

As all the educational institutions in nearly all the states are closed due to coronavirus scare, we are sure students must be bored to death (no pun intended). However, social distancing is of utmost importance right now to stop the spreading of the infection so, you cannot afford to roam outside or go on a trip. 

Caring about all our quarantined students, we are here to suggest you some good activities that will keep you busy and entertained. So, do not panic and read on our points while relaxing on your bed or couch. 

FOCUS ON YOUR HOBBIES: In the midst of all your studies and busy routines, you would have not gotten enough time to keep a focus on your hobbies. Isn't it a great time? You are at your home, busy doing nothing then this is the activity that will not only pass your time but you will also have some vested interest in it. Dancing, singing, reading or anything that could be done inside your house can be a good substitute for your school or college. 

Even if you are not sure of your hobbies then try everything and then see what keeps you entertained the most!

E-LIBRARIES: You cannot go to a library or order a book amidst all the chaos happening in your surroundings. But if you are a book lover then E-libraries is the solution where you can get a variety of books of different genres. 

WATCH MOVIES, SERIES, DOCUMENTARIES ETC: There is a reason why they say "Netflix and chill"! It is not possible that you are updated on all the entertainment shows and documentaries. Now is a great time to catch on with everything keeping in mind the limit of screen time for your eyes' health. 

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PREPARE FOR YOUR EXAMS: We know not many of you will be excited about this but there will be a time during this quarantine life that you yourself would feel the need to study. You might be having an exam that got postponed so prepare for that, revise it thoroughly to score better when the whole mess gets solved. 

SLEEP: Well, duh! Isn't that obvious? And this is just not only for students, its for everyone in any age group. Not advising you to sleep the whole day but power naps are important in between, right? 


Also, we have not included scrolling through feeds of various social media because that's just another normal day for a student. And now that you have read all the points, go try it!

Be safe!