Coronavirus Preventive Measures That YOU SHOULDN'T BELIEVE!

Publish On: 20 Mar, 2020 05:02 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

More than 220000 affected and more than 10,000 fatalities globally, the novel COVID-19 has posed a threat to humanity. The virus, which has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), has covered the entire world and the situation is worsening only. 

The problem is too severe but some useless advice has not stopped doing rounds on social media. They though are harmless but certainly are not effective as people claim them. Here are some of those futile preventive measures that do not help regarding COVID-19. 


Due to the shortages of sanitizers, people followed recipes to make homemade sanitizing gels that went viral on the internet. But these disinfectants are not at all suitable to use on skin. They can be a good replacement to clean surfaces but not your hands!


There was a post that went viral quoting a Japanese doctor who recommended that drinking water after every 15 minutes will flush out any such viruses from the body. However, a professor at the University of Oxford dismissed the claim and said, "no biological mechanism" that supports this theory. 

It is just some general good advice only!


Since the origination of the novel coronavirus, people believed that it gets killed at high temperatures and that is why one should drink hot water or have a hot bath and also avoid cold products as much as possible. But no, IT DOES NOT WORK. Even the WHO has said it, so, if you don't believe us, trust them. 


Garlic is surely a healthy food item but there is no surety that it will kill these viruses if you eat them on a regular basis. There have been several posts that claim eating garlic will prevent you from coronavirus but please don't believe such posts. 

There are several other measures that are purely untrue. Practice good hygiene, maintain social distancing, stay at home and work from home are the only measures to keep you safe. 

Stay safe! Stay alert!