Delhi Government Schools' Attendance To Go Digital From 1st April

Publish On: 13 Mar, 2020 11:12 AM | Updated   |   Harshita  

NEW DELHI: As part of the zero paperwork program, all Delhi government schools' attendance will be going digital from the start of April. The attendance could be marked on e-tablets from April 1st. 

After a meeting with Deputy Directors of Education (DDEs) and other senior officials, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia made the announcement on Thursday in the national capital. He said, "The DDEs will ensure that each school teacher is provided with digital tablets," and added that it is compulsory for all the teachers to have a tablet. 

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"I want zero paperwork. Section-wise attendance should be marked by teachers. We are aiming to build robust software for the attendance system so that every DDE gets a notification about students' attendance in each section of each school within their zones. It would be implemented from April 1," said Sisodia. He further said that the DDEs should be made aware of the number of students attending classes and should be getting the notification about the figures by 9 am every day. 

Besides this, results for examinations will also have to be uploaded and maintained online. The Delhi Education Minister said, "Let us do away with paperwork for examination results too."

He further said, "The DDEs will have to keep track of CCTV cameras' installation at schools and classrooms. They must know the number of CCTV cameras installed in schools in their zone. Also, whether they are functional or not, and if password has been provided to parents or not. Passwords have to be provided to parents for those classrooms where CCTVs have been installed so that they can access the class of their wards."

Sisodia also informed that each school should be having the facility of video conferencing so as to conduct meetings online. He said, "Every school should have the video conferencing facility. Meetings between school heads, the DDEs and other officials can be conducted online. It will save the time consumed in commuting for meetings."

After the re-election of Aam Aadmi Party, Sisodia said, "It's time to realign the education revolution. We have a dedicated team for education and we have to work really hard in the next five years. For the recognition that we are receiving for our dedicated efforts in changing the education model of Delhi, people from other states and countries have been reaching out to us to learn from us."

"We should not show arrogance while sharing our educational practices and model with them. It should be a learning experience for us as well for strengthening it further," he added. 

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He then concluded that the government aims at the progress of the country and education plays a key role in it. He said, "And there is no other way apart from education that can help us push the progress and development of the country. Education is our way towards development. That's why all of us are so obsessed with improving the quality of education in Delhi."