Let’s Move Towards Zero Hunger This World Food Day

Publish On: 16 Oct, 2019 01:22 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  


World Food Day:

World Food Day is observed on 16th October every year. The day is an annual celebration by several organizations whose pivotal concern is food security.

United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization was founded on 16th October in the year 1945 and since then this day is celebrated as World Food Day. Other organizations involved in this celebration are the World Food Program, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and many more.

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The theme for this year is “Our Actions Are Our Future”. By this, FAO intends to spread awareness to every part of the world about the importance of abolishing hunger. They aim towards zero hunger so that each and every part of the world gets the needed nutritional value.

The prime goal of this day revolves around food security across the globe. Food and Agriculture Organisation because of which this day came into existence plays a vital role in ensuring the availability of adequate food in the entire world.

How Zero Hunger Can Change The World:

It is already understood why zero hunger is important. Food for everyone not only provides the required nutrients but also boosts a good immune system. Statistics say that 3.1 million children die every year and if we achieve the goal of zero hunger then those lives can be saved. All in all, it promotes a healthier, prosperous and safer world.

World Food Day In India:

In India, the day is also referred to as Food Engineers’ Day. Their major concern is food consumed by Indians is safe and promote a better lifestyle. India has many food lovers and therefore the day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Several organizations raise awareness about eating healthy food and avoid junks.

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World Food Day that promotes the significance of food and agriculture should be celebrated by every individual. Though everyone understands that the food sector is of a great priority still several developing countries face low investment in that particular division. The countries should understand that food is a major concern and that is why they should ensure food security to promote healthy living.