Two Mc Donald's Employees In Peru Die Due To Faulty Soda Machine

Publish On: 23 Dec, 2019 01:50 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

LIMA: Two Mc Donald's employees have been declared dead in Peru as they were electrocuted by a faulty soda machine. The manager of the franchise in the country has confirmed the news with a local TV that the deaths were because of the defective machinery. 

The accident took place on December 15 where Alexandra Porrasa, 18 and Carlos Campos, 19 lost their lives while cleaning the restaurant in Lima's Pueblo Libre district. The managers of that particular branch did not report the faulty working of the machines there and hence immediate actions could not be taken. This, however, led to the deaths of two teenagers working there. 

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Mourning their deaths, 29 branches of Mc Donald's in Peru were kept closed for two days. "We want to announce that we have declared two days of mourning since this morning, so all of our restaurants will remain closed in the entire country without affecting the compensation for our colleagues," said Mc Donald's in its statement. 

The general director of Arcos Dorados, which is the owner of the fast-food franchise in Peru, Jose Carlos Andrade said, "Twenty-four hours before (the accident) it was already known that the machine had problems..." 

Mc Donald's have confirmed that they will be extra careful that they do not use such machines in the future. Andrade told the local station, "This has hit us all very hard, and we are working hard to review all our processes, all our protocols, to ensure such a thing does not happen again."

Demonstrators hit the streets on Saturday against labor abuses. After this President Martín Vizcarra announced a bill on job security following the unfortunate incident. 

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Vizcarra said in his statement, "We can't allow for these kinds of accidents to happen and for there to be no comeback other than a fine. If the law is insufficient for these cases, we have to correct it."