Pak Minister Fawad Chaudhry Slaps TV Anchor Mubasher Lucman

Publish On: 07 Jan, 2020 05:53 PM | Updated   |   Arnima  

Islamabad: Pakistan Minister Fawad Chaudhry slapped a TV anchor after the latter linked him with TikTok sensation Hareem Shah. The Minister for Science and Technology in Pakistan government admitted that he slapped TV anchor Mubasher Lucman at a wedding for linking him with Shah.

His admission came after the slapping incident went viral on social media in which Chaudhry can be heard calling him a 'sham journalist'.

The Pak minister defended his move and said that he is a human and will never tolerate any such personal attacks. "Ministries come and go. I will not tolerate personal attacks. We are all human beings and will react when someone makes such false allegations," Chaudhry said.

The minister also attacked the journalist on social media calling him 'fake'. Retweeting a news article on the microblogging site, Chaudhry said, "People like Mubashir Lucman have nothing to do with journalism and it's everyone's duty to expose him".

Worth mentioning that the journalists of the Muslim nation are of view that Chaudhry has some personal grudges for the journalists and this was not for the first time that the Pak minister had settled scores with a journo. According to the sources, the politician had earlier slapped TV host Sami Ibrahim also at a wedding.

The incident started when Rai Saqib Kharal, speaking at the Lucman's show, had claimed that there were several 'indecent videos' of Chaudhry in possession of TikTok star Hareem Shah and he had personally seen them.