London Attacker Who Stabbed 3 Was A Teenager, Freed From Jail A Week Ago

Publish On: 03 Feb, 2020 09:49 AM | Updated   |   Sj Desk  

The terrorist who was shot dead by the Scotland Yard on Sunday after he stabbed 3 people in the south London borough of Lambeth has been identified as Sudesh Amman, a teenager with a criminal past. The teenager has been previously convicted for terror offences in 2018 and had been only recently released from jail.

The Sunday attack in Streatham has been deemed an ‘Islamist-related’ terror incident by the police with similarities to the London Bridge attack on 29 November 2020, when now convicted criminal, Usman Khan had stabbed two people and created chaos by wearing a hoax explosive device.

Lucy D’Ors of the Metropolitan Police said, “The situation has been contained and officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command are now leading an investigation into the incident. The incident was quickly declared as a terrorist incident and we believe it to be Islamist-related.”

After the attack, the police said, “Three people are known to have been injured in the #Streatham attack earlier this afternoon. One person is at hospital in a life-threatening condition. We are in the process of informing their family”.

The 18-year-old terrorist was in jail for the possession and distribution of extremist material and was released after serving half of his more-than-three-year sentence. He was under surveillance since his release and reportedly continued to have extreme views. 

Out of the three hurt, two were stabbed by Amman and the third person, a woman was injured by glass after a firearm was discharged by a police officer. 

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labour MP for Streatham, said: “Obviously, we shouldn’t make it an issue to divide us because that’s what terrorism is. If we are afraid and if we are divided, then the terrorists ultimately win."

Perpetrators of terrorism aim to divide and sow the seeds of hatred. However, every time they fail. Their guns might kill us but not take away our spirits as we stand united with hope and love in the face of adversity.