Head Of Chile's Air Force Confirms 'No Survivors' In The Missing Plane Case

Publish On: 13 Dec, 2019 12:59 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

SANTIAGO: On Thursday, it was reported that the Chilean Air Force recovered human remains while they were in search of an air force plane that went missing on Monday, this week. The unfortunate plane accident was so bad that there was no sign of any survivor. 

The head of Chile's Air Force said, "The condition of the remains we discovered make it practically impossible that anyone could have survived the airplane accident." The human remains found are "are most likely to be body parts of those travelling on the C-130". 

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The plane, which was heading to Antarctica, took off from the southern city of Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia and then shortly disappeared. There were a total of 38 people on board of which 17 were crew members and 21 were passengers. 

The wrecked plane remains were found at a distance of 30 km from it's last known position. Earlier, Governor Fernandez reported that the fuselage, a wheel and a part of the landing gear was recovered and some other pieces were floating in the sea. There was also a Brazilian ship sailing in the region that also found some debris of the plane. 

There will be forensic analysis conducted by the authorities so that the found human remains would confirm the people's origin. The Legal Medical Service of Chile had sent a team, on Thursday, to Punta Arenas so that they could match the blood of the missing people's family members. 

The Air Force faced a lot of difficulties in their search efforts because of extreme weather conditions. But, they finally had a lead with human remains found on Thursday. 

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The plane went missing over the Drake Sea, a vast ocean on the southernmost edge of the continent of South America.