Donald Trump Might Open Large Areas For Business During Easter

Publish On: 25 Mar, 2020 12:20 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW YORK: Large sections of the united states can go back in business during next month, around the festival of Easter in April, as per Donald Trump, the president of America, based on expert advice.

"My first priority is always the health and safety of the American people, and we want everyone to understand that we are continuing to evaluate the data," Trump said during a news briefing on 24 March 2020 i.e. Tuesday.

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At the end of the day, it is up to the state governors and local officials to decide for how long the Stay At Home order will be inflicted and the duration of it on all 17 states.  The rest of the states which comprise half of the population of the United States is not implementing such strict measures as the Trump government has only issued guidelines in hopes of stopping the COVID-19 virus from infiltrating individuals further and not official orders.

As one of the instructions in the guidelines states that people should be practising social distancing, various workplaces, colleges and schools have been shut. The guidelines have only been implemented until next week and will expire afterwards.

Trump mentioned that he chose the time of Easter as the day when the severe guidelines mentioning to not get involved in gatherings can be called off  as it is "a beautiful time."

Nancy Pelosi, a democrat speaker said, "Trump's proposal is a formula for more uncertainty, more misconceptions and will do more harm to the economy."

The president said that he will be focussed on the farm belt of midwestern states and Texas as a very few cases have been announced from that area.

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Trump also said, "I will be guided very much by Dr Fauci and by Deborah (Birx, the other international expert on the task force) and by some of the other professionals."