China Reports Zero Domestic COVID-19 Cases Since Outbreak

Publish On: 19 Mar, 2020 10:19 AM | Updated   |   Shivalik  

China has reported zero new domestic infections of coronavirus for the first time since the outbreak was first reported in the country last December, the National Health Commission said on Thursday.

The Commission said it had also been the primary time that Hubei province, where the disease first emerged in its capital Wuhan, recorded no new cases either domestically or from abroad, reports the South China Morning Post.

Nationwide, there have been 34 new infections, all of them from overseas.

The number of latest deaths has come right down to single digits, with just eight reported, bringing the entire toll to 3,245.

The Commission said 23 new suspected cases had been reported, with the total number of infections now standing at 80,928.

A total of 70,420 patients have recovered.

Elsewhere, infections from what's now a worldwide pandemic still rise.

Italy, the worst-hit country outside China, reported 3,526 new cases overnight, taking the entire number of infections to 35,713. The price stood at 2,978.

In the US, there have been over 8,700 confirmed cases and quite 130 people have died thanks to the disease.

Globally, the number of confirmed cases were 208,512, with 8,821 deaths. These figures include the China numbers.