A Portable Test To Detect COVID-19 In 5 Mins Has Been Discovered!

Publish On: 28 Mar, 2020 12:55 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

SAN FRANCISCO: The American company specialising in healthcare and medical devices, Abbott Laboratories has finally succeeded in making a portable test kit that can help in detecting the life-endangering virus causing the pandemic called the novel coronavirus in just 5 minutes.

As te test is of the portable nature, it need not just be used in a traditional hospital. Urgent care clinics and even physicians offices can also use them. The company also mentioned that their product has been verified and has the authorisation to be put to use immediately by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under emergency use authorisation (EUA).

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In a time like this, where the virus is infiltrating many countries so rapidly, a product like this was very much needed. It can help in controlling the outbreak quicker than the means which are being used presently. A product which can help stop the growth of the virus is the top priority at a global level.

This molecular point-of-care testing kit will help reveal results for the individuals at an instant rate in various settings where people are going when under suspicion of having the virus. 

The process of detection includes identifying the genome of the virus in a small section, the portion is then increased until there is enough left for detection.

The test is revealing positive cases within 5 minutes whereas negative cases are taking 13 minutes to show up. Technologies prior to this take hours, days even to detect the virus in individuals.

The test by Abbott is called the 'ID NOW COVID-19' test and runs on Abbott's ID NOWTM platform, a lightweight box (6.6 pounds) that can sit on numerous locations.

The company has the aim of delivering around 50,000 test kids per day. Starting from next week.

"Through the incredible work of teams across Abbott, we expect to deliver 50,000 COVID-19 tests per day to healthcare professionals on the front lines, where testing capabilities are needed most," Chris Scoggins, Senior Vice President, Rapid Diagnostics, Abbott, said in a statement.

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The company also aims to produce around 5 million kits by the next month, i.e April.