Vishal Karwal: I was Nervous About Playing Lord Krishna On Television

Publish On: 21 May, 2020 06:18 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

NEW DELHI: TV personality Vishal Karwal has said that he was very nervous at the beginning to portray Lord Krishna on a TV show. However, he is very confident now of playing other religious deities like Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna on screens.

The character of Lord Krishna has been portrayed by many actors on the national television, on being asked whether there was some sort of pressure on him to play such an important role in the show 'Dwarkadheesh', Vishal said, "Yes, I was initially very nervous about how I would play the role of Lord Krishna. It is a character that had already been portrayed beautifully in the past. I finally gained confidence after shooting the first promo for the show as everyone on the set loved my performance. But it still took another month or so for me to finally get a grip on the character."

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Karwal, who rose to fame by being a contestant on MTV Roadies season 4. He said that playing a character based on a religious deity is very different from playing modern-day roles. He explained, "Contemporary characters have never been seen before by anyone. Therefore, as actors, we get an opportunity to perceive the role according to the story and character. But characters like Lord Krishna are very difficult to play because everyone has a preconceived notion of how they look, how their personalities are."

He further said, "It becomes a challenge to match their expectations. To look like the character is the most difficult part of all. However, I have now gained the confidence to play characters like Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu etc."

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Karwal said that he is glad that his show 'Dwarkadheesh' is being re-run on the small screens again. He expressed, "The show had done extremely well when it aired nine years ago and I think people still remember me as Lord Krishna."