Sargun Mehta: At First I Was Irritated During Lockdown

Publish On: 08 Jun, 2020 06:14 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: With everything at a standstill due to the nationwide lockdown, TV star Sargun Mehta found it hard to go through the isolation. Like many of us, she had her own share of 'ups and downs' during these dark times.

In a recent interview, she spoke about how she got annoyed with life as the lockdown situation became the 'new normal'. However, she also revealed that her husband, Ravi Dubey helped her overcome her mood swings.

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Sargun shared, "I had different phases during the lockdown. There were days when I would feel extremely angry and annoyed. Initially, I used to be irritated with little things. I remember how I got up in the middle of the night and asked Ravi to make me meet my mom. My emotions would fluctuate a lot. Thank God, Ravi has been more stable amid the pandemic. He dealt with my phases calmly. He used to assure me that everything would be fine soon and that it was absolutely normal to go through such mood swings."

She mentioned that everyday chores like cooking and hobbies like dancing helped her maintain her mental sanctity.

She revealed, "I love to dance. So, I have tried to keep myself busy learning new forms of dance. I even make videos of myself dancing. Also, I have been cooking and I have realised if anyone has not learnt cooking during the lockdown then he/she must be the laziest person on this planet. I have cooked so much now that I feel when I will go to restaurants after this, I will say,' arrey isse acha toh main hi bana leti hoon (oh, I can prepare better dishes than this)!"

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When asked whether this lockdown helped her view things differently than usual, the actress honestly responded and said no. "It has not changed my perspective on life. But, yes, it made me realise what kind of people I like in life. I realised I don't like people who are realistic and practical. There were people who told me to be just 'practical' and 'fearless' during the lockdown. And guess what, I have stopped taking their calls. I like eternally optimistic people. So, people who try to be more practical with me run the chance to end up on my block list," concluded Shargun humorously.