People Know You Only As My Ex: Paras Chhabra Slams Akanksha Puri

Publish On: 30 Mar, 2020 12:57 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss 13 fame Paras Chhabra slammed his ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri for alleged shamming and trying to prove that he has no money. Bashing her saying that she would not have any identity if it wasn't for him, Paras also called Puri extremely possessive. 

While being in an interview, Paras directed his message to his former lover saying, "Even you have struggled so much in your career, you are working in a show for the last three years, but now people are knowing you only as Paras’ ex. You are telling people that I earn 5 k per day, so what? Everyone starts from scratch and I don’t have any shame in admitting it. You are trying to shame me by telling people about my per day. You are going around saying that you have made me and I was nothing."

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 Claiming that she used to manipulate him and was extra possessive, Paras further said, "I realized that she had problems when I was with my friends, her co-stars and friends. Soon, I stopped going out I used to just sit at home, work out and watch TV. I couldn’t hang out with my friends as she didn’t like it and she used to say that her friends didn’t like me so I had no option. I was very disturbed in my life because of all this. Also, we had an age difference so our mentality did not match."

The couple's breakup became a national subject when Paras announced it on the Colors' reality show. He and his co-contestant Mahira Sharma have been often linked together given their proximity on the show. However, Paras was clear that he would not get into any relationship without breaking up and also Mahira and Paras, better called Pahira, have maintained their friendship outside the show. 


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"I was always called sanskari playboy because I always knew my limits and I never crossed them. All the girls of the house felt comfortable with me and no one ever said that I tried to misbehave with them," said Paras. 

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Chhabra was last seen in a swayamvar-themed show 'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge'. He though did not marry anyone but found a connection with Aanchal Khurana.