Mahira Sharma's Mother Blames Shehnaaz Gill For Her Closeness With Paras Chhabra

Publish On: 23 Dec, 2019 06:08 PM | Updated   |   Harshita  

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss 13's Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra have been friends since day one. However, from the past few days, their proximity has decreased more and it seems clear that both are attracted to each other. Now, Mahira's mother Sania Sharma has reacted to this and considers Shehnaaz Gill to be the sole reason for this. 

In a recent episode, Mahira confessed her feelings for her 'friend' Paras in front of the whole house. But, Sania has termed her confession as mere "frustration" and that was because of Shehnaaz, who constantly tries to show a love triangle amongst Paras, Mahira and herself. 


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While being in an interview, Sania said, 

"I know my daughter very well. Shehnaz has been forcefully trying to show viewers that there is a love triangle between Paras, Mahira and her since day one and to stop her once and for all, Mahira has done this. I think it was more of a frustration than a confession from Mahira’s side. Shehnaz doesn’t want Mahira and Paras to be together and she has been torturing her so she has said in the latest promo that she likes Paras, but I know they are just good friends."

Previously, Paras's girlfriend Akansha Puri reacted to her boyfriend showering kisses on Sharma. Sania sympathized with Akansha and also expressed that her daughter's growing closeness with Chhabra did upset her. She said,

"I understand any girl would feel bad if her partner behaves like this on the show. The girl has been doing a lot for Paras and I also get to know through social media. I don’t want her to be hurt in any way. Paras has said from day one that he is there to play a game and he is doing that. Akanksha also knows about it. She had admitted about his strategy in one of the Weekend Ka Vaar and I think this is his strategy. I don’t want to say anything bad about any contestant as I don’t know if they will be good friends after coming out of the house. But as a mother these things upset me."

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There have been many times where we have seen Mahira saying that her family would not like it if she will be having an affair on the national television and it seems like she was right!