Hansa Is An Evergreen Character I Can Play Her Even Today: Supriya Pathak

Publish On: 09 Apr, 2020 03:37 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

MUMBAI: Popular Indian television sitcom from early 2000's called 'Khichdi', which had stars like JD Majethia, Vandana Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, Anang Desai and Supriya Pathak is all set to return on April 13, to entertain everyone amidst this self-isolation period due to the national lockdown.

Supriya Pathak, who tickled everyone's funnybone by playing the character of 'Hansa' in the show was asked whether her character will hold relevance to this date, a decade after the show aired, she said, "I think Hansa is an evergreen character and is always relevant. Her innocence is extremely charming and the fact that she is completely oblivious to problems and lives in this beautiful world of love and happiness is a feeling that we all connect with. She is an epitome of hope in this world which is turning horrible."

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She also added that she feels people will enjoy her character from the show even during the current times, "I think people will enjoy watching Hansa and will laugh with her. I also love her character and would love to play it again even today."

The show is based on the life of a Gujarati family, the Parekhs. Parekhs live in a joint family and encounter many typical Indian situations, but what stands out about the show is that they tackle these situations in the most atypical manner ever. 

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A movie also got made in the year 2010, based on the show called 'Khichdi: The Movie'. This made the film one of the first in the history of Indian cinema to have been based on a Television show.