WhatsApp To Now Have Duration - Specific 'Disappearing Messages' Feature

Publish On: 30 Dec, 2019 01:46 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

The world will be introduced to a recent WhatsApp Update in no time. As of now, a latest beta version (2.19.275) is available for the Android users. In the beta version of WhatsApp, a feature of disappearing messages is being noticed by several beta testers. Before we explain the feature, let us take a closer look at what the concept of beta version and beta testing is.

A Beta version is an early version of an application which some users can use before the finish product releases. However, the final features available in the finish products may vary on the basis of the reviews the beta version receives. People known to access beta versions are also called ‘beta testers’.

Coming back to the 'disappearing messages' feature, many of you may be wondering, “how does the disappearing message feature differ from the delete message option that already exists?” That’s because, this feature will only be limited in WhatsApp groups and to WhatsApp admins. Any admin from any group can set a time duration to any specific text message. That particular message will disappear on it’s own when it passes the duration that was set.

Earlier, it was alleged that this feature will be available in group chats as well as personal chats. Although, now it has been revealed that this feature will only appear in group chats.

This feature will prove very convenient for admins of a group to oversee their previous and recent messages. For example, lots of confusion is created when users have notifications worth 50+ messages in their group inbox. They have to go through every single message to make sense of the recent message. With this feature, only the relevant messages shall feature in the group chat. Hence, it will help save time of many users who are a part of various WhatsApp groups.

The new update will also feature the dark mode for WhatsApp. It will now finally be available to Android users. For the iOS, WhatsApp is currently experimenting with hiding the status updates which has been muted, splash screen (the app will display the WhatsApp logo before showing your inbox, this is already available in android beta version) and app badge improvements.