Twitter Is Verifying Health Experts To Stop Misinformation From Spreading

Publish On: 22 Mar, 2020 10:38 AM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

SAN FRANCISCO: Microblogging and social networking service, Twitter will be bringing the feature of public-facing verification request back. This will be only made available so that the health experts can put a stop to misinformation being spread at this crucial time where the life-threatening coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic.

The step is being initiated so that emerging hoaxes and other major misinformation can be put an end to as it would stop sending people into a frenzy in an already panic-stricken time as coronavirus has infiltrated many countries.

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The company posted a tweet on 21 March 2020 saying, "PSA about what we're doing to Verify Twitter accounts that are providing credible updates around #COVID19: we are working with global public health authorities to identify experts and have already Verified hundreds of accounts, but there's more to do and we could use your help."

According to a timeline created by the website of Axios the first case was reported in China on 10 December 2019, last year which took the shape of Coronavirus.

After months of creating havoc in the country of China, the epicentre of the highly contagious virus has now shifted to Italy. The country has observed over 5,000 deaths due to the virus. Along with Italy, cases in other europian countries like Spain and Germany are also rapidly increasing. 

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WHO (World Health Organisation) also reported that as of now, around 2,35,000 individuals have been infected from the virus worldwide.