The 2020 iPhone Models Will Not Have This Particular Feature Anymore

Publish On: 02 Jan, 2020 05:16 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

Apple is all set to introduce the new 2020 range of iPhone models very soon. It is alleged that Apple will be removing the notch entirely from the new model. As per the sources, the new models will contain an entirely different design, not much has been revealed but notches will definitely not be a part of it. This is being done to achieve a full-screen display. As per the patent application filed by Apple earlier in the month of December in Japan, the phones drawn in the sketches were notch-less. The phone will however still contain a sim card tray and external buttons for volume and power.

Smartphone Notches

However, removing the notch is not the only new feature. The new model will also contain an ‘in-display fingerprint scanner’. This probably means the face ID might be discontinued. Apple’s famous TrueDepth front camera will also be present under the display of the phone. Another unique feature is that the rounded corners will be discarded, meaning the screen will be rectangular on both sides.

in-display fingerprint scanners

 All other features will remain the same as iPhone 11. The rear camera will hold the corner spot and the phone will support 5G. The 2019 models sported 4G support due to Intel, America’s renowned chip producing company that failed to deliver the modems at the asked time. This lead to the multinational technology company cutting all ties with Intel. Apple will now develop its own 5G support.

The multi-million dollar company has already paired up and reconciled with Imagination Technologies Group, United Kingdom’s chip designing company. Though, the reason for the collaboration still remains unknown. Imagination Technologies was known for designing GPU’s or graphics chips to put in iPhones and iPads up till 2016. The companies had a falling out and Apple started designing its own internal chips which featured in iPhone X in the year 2017.