Instagram Launches One More Anti Bullying Feature For Young Users

Publish On: 16 Dec, 2019 01:44 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

After ensuring the safety of their young users by letting them curb bullies on their platform, Instagram has introduced another feature in the leading platform in support of anti-bullying.

If a particular user intends to bully someone on their Instagram caption within your image or video, it will immediately flash a notification stating, “This caption looks similar to others that have been reported.” The notification will as soon as the user hits send and further will be given options to either re phrase the message or post it anyway. The following feature is yet another positive step forward in terms of creating a safe space in the world of social media."

Not too long ago, in the month of October, Instagram had released a ‘restrict’ feature. This feature is available on a global level and lets users stop bullies who intend to post offensive posts or comments. This can be one by swiping towards the left side of the comments, within the Privacy section mentioned under Settings. It can also be one by going directly to bully’s account.

“Once the restrict feature is enabled, the comment made by the person on your post will only be visible only to the bully,” the company had explained.

This feature further contains options to ‘See Comment’ where only you’d be able to view the comment, allow the comment to be seen by others, delete it and ignore it. If the bully tries to contact you in the section of direct messages, their message will simply go in the message request folder once you’ve applied the ‘restrict’ feature on them.

The advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence , also known as AI, is being used to identify inappropriate content on comment, photos and videos. The social media platform also announced that they are also working on features to restrict people under the age of 18 to view images featuring or promoting cosmetic surgeries and weight loss products  by celebrity influencers.

Adam Mosseri the head of Instagram stated, “It’s our responsibility to create a safe environment on Instagram.”

In many of the countries, Instagram has enabled people above the age of 13 to register into the platform. Hence, the following actions are being taken on issue of cyberbullying on social networks to tackle the issue of hate speech and abusive conduct which are extremely harmful to users this young.