CES2020: Robot Chef, Privacy Round table And More Steal The Show On Day 2

Publish On: 08 Jan, 2020 12:58 PM | Updated   |   Madhurima  

LAS VEGAS: The second day of CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is at full throttle. The major highlights include whacky gaming laptops, gaming devices, improving tech security, smart cars and so on. These products not only have been announced but most of them will also go on sale from this year itself! Here are our top picks of the major happenings and products from the second day at CES, 2020 :

1. Sony: Vision S, An Electric Concept Car:

This surely was one such moment from CES 2020, that was most iconic. This is because Sony announced it’s first smart car at the event. Known as Vision S, it features Japanese technology. It also contains various luxury products, camera sensors, etc. The car features a total number of 33 different sensors, both inside and out! Many widescreen displays, constant connectivity, audio with 360-degree surround sound are also some of the features in the car.

2. Samsung: Bot Chef, A Robot That Cooks For You

Samsung introduced a pair of Robotic arms, known as Bot Chef. This gadget can cook for you on command. At the event, the robot made a salad for the audience and the ones who got to have it declared this is how future tastes like! The bot successfully went through cabinets for the required ingredients, mixed them up and prepared the food. The product features a heavy use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and vision algorithms.

3. Talking Tech Privacy: Facebook, FTC and Apple Joined Hands To Discuss The Necessary Topic

Privacy roundtable candidates at CES 2020

Delegates from major companies including Apple, Facebook and Federal Trade Commission had a roundtable regarding the concerns of how tech companies consume user data and it's government regulation. While Erin Egan represented Facebook, Jane Horwath represented Apple and Rebecca Slaughter was the democratic appointed candidate from FTC.
Slaughter enquired whether the tech companies are doing enough to ensure the privacy of the users. Horvath from Apple emphasised on how apple has always focussed on privacy in the designs of the products itself. Facebook’s Erin Egan also added that Facebook has launched the latest private check-up feature which will enable the audience to witness who is observing their personal data.

4. Samsung: Neon, A Humanoid AI Chatbot Introduced

Samsung took the stage yet again to introduce their ‘artificial humans’, known as Neons. They will appear on screens and respond to your questions. Samsung surely gave its own touch to smart assistants that appear on our smartphones and made it way better! These realistic humanoids have been designed in Samsung’s Star Labs. Samsung will attempt to feature them in video games, as customer service assistants, and friends.

5. Ivanka Trump: President's Daughter And Key Note Adviser Speaks At The Tech Convention

Ivanka Trump was chosen as the keynote speaker for the event. She was in conversation with Gary Shapiro, CEO of  Consumer Technology Association. The former businesswoman emphasised on how it’s necessary for Americans to carry diplomas in their smartphones along with other important documents. She also discussed about breaking down barriers and prepping up the public for the economy which keeps rapidly changing.
She also believes the nation needs to seek apprenticeship to preparing oneself for future employment opportunities. The audience listened politely to the 40-minute talk while clapping during appropriate moments. CES had faced a lot of criticism after they revealed Ivanka as the keynote speaker. Many argued that there are other more qualified women in terms of tech who deserved this chance.